Thank You

Thank you for enrolling in the

10 Day Fast Start Money Management Program

from Ronda Cobb, the Money Coach™

You’ll be so glad you have done this!  We are going to improve your money knowledge, quickly re-organize your finances and show you how to reduce your money-related stress.  I’m even going to teach you how to raise your credit score and things like that!  

We’ll start in a couple days, but in the meantime, I wanted to give you a couple pointers that will make the class better and more valuable for you.

First, set aside about an hour per day to do the fast start.  If you’re interested in getting a jump start, you will be asked to gather your financial statements and documents in one place.  You could do that now and save yourself that step in the program.

The other thing that you’ll find very handy is a buddy to work with.  Go ahead and share the link so that your friends and family don’t fuss at you later for getting the jump on them!  And, no, I don’t mean you’re going to be sharing your private money issues with your buddy.  Generic back and forth only, please.  

Each day, for 10 days, you will be emailed the video and the worksheet corresponding to that day.  

Look for the official start date in your email in-box.  Thanks for signing up! 

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